End-to-end Equipment and Services

From new bearing materials to improved wicket gate linkage to modernizing electrical control systems, our turbine upgrade and rehabilitation programs will extend the life of your equipment and create more capacity and efficiency within the layout of your hydro plant. We take a knowledgeable approach to every turbine upgrade and installation with the goal of giving your plant a second life.


Our focus is to create designs that maximize turbine capacity and efficiency while eliminating cavitation to meet our customers’ needs. The complete machine is analyzed for each design to ensure the full operating range is optimized. While optimizing unit performance is paramount, our engineers are ever mindful of the need to balance the structural integrity of the unit with the hydraulic performance.


American Hydro specializes in the upgrading and refurbishing of Francis, Kaplan, propeller, large pumps, pump-turbines, and Kaplan conversions. Each of our designs is customized to meet specific project requirements including life extension, increased capacity and peak efficiency, elimination of cavitation, and environmentally-friendly technology.


Field Service

American Hydro Field Service Representatives have decades of experience working on all types of hydro equipment. This experience is backed by our team of engineers, which supports our customers through every phase of their project. From mobilization to commissioning, our hydro team is ready to support your needs.